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July 12, 2011


One of our local LGBT newspapers in Baltimore recently did a profile of local gay authors, and one of them just happens to be me! You can check out the article online here: Local Authors Pack A Powerful Punch


July 12, 2011

And the glowing reviews for The Truth of Yesterday continue to pour in! I just posted four new reviews. OutSmart Magazine says: "Beautifully plotted, these story lines and more are skillfully woven into one of the best mystery novels of the year." And Jerry Wheeler from Out in Print said, "Just when you think the story is sprawling too large, he fits a couple of pieces together and melds them into the whole like a master."

Read more!

June 29, 2011

Here's the latest scoop on all my current writing projects:

A Change of Worlds
The finished rewrite of the fifth Killian Kendall mystery, A Change of Worlds, is with the publisher and I'm waiting to be assigned an editor. It's on track to be released in February or March of 2012.

Men of the Mean Streets
I was invited to be a part of an exciting new anthology edited by award-winning mystery author Greg Herren. Noir has always been one of the most popular—and darkest—sub-genres of the mystery field. Following in the footsteps of such masters of the form as James M. Cain, Raymond Chandler, and Dashiell Hammett, some of the top writers of gay mystery explore this territory of amoral tough guys with a cynical view of the world by giving classic noir a gay twist. The book will be out in August, but you can check it out now on Amazon.

Men of the Mean Streets

Breaking Masks
Dave and I just started a massive rewrite of Breaking Masks. The basic concept, alternating point-of-view chapter-by-chapter between Jake and Kody, will remain the same, but we're writing a lot of new material and changing some things up. I think it'll be an even stronger story when we're finished. It's just like old times. Sometimes it's scary how much we think alike... It's looking like a Fall 2012 release, if all goes well.

New Killian Kendall Mystery
I've started plotting and researching for a brand new Killian Kendall book. It will take things in an increasingly dark direction. I held a poll on Facebook to pick the title, and A Kind of Death won by a landslide. I'll release some more teasers as things come together.

New Mystery Series
That's right, you read correctly. I've started the very early stages of plotting and researching for an entirely new series. I don't have a lot of information for you on this just yet, but I can tell you it was inspired by my short story for the noir anthology and will be set in Baltimore. Expect a grittier, more mature story than we've seen from Killian.

June 29, 2011

Reviews continue to roll in for The Truth of Yesterday, and so far everyone loves it! Bob Lind from Echo Magazine gave it 5 stars and said, "This is the best yet. He unfolds this mystery as one would an intricate tapestry."

Reviews by Jessewave's Buda said, "The Truth of Yesterday is a fun, energetic ride with enough twists and turns to keep you interested, and enough humor to keep you entertained."

Lisa from Michele 'n Jeff Reviews says, "Josh Aterovis has upped the suspense factor to a new level in The Truth of Yesterday, in both the natural and supernatural realms, while at the same time, offering readers an element of romance that brings everything into a wonderful balance."

To read more, check out the review page.

June 29, 2011

I've posted links to my Facebook photo albums from the Book Tour. Be sure to check them out, and if you haven't "liked" my professional Facebook page yet, do it now! It's the best way to keep up with all the latest news on my books.

Outwrite Books in Atlanta


March 24, 2011

Chicago has been added to The Truth of Yesterday Book Tour. I'll be reading at the Gerber/Hart Library on Sunday, April 17, at 4 pm. Gerber/Hart Library was founded in 1981 to be a depository for the records of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered (LGBT) individuals and organizations, and for other resources bearing upon their lives and experiences in American society. Gerber/Hart Library has since grown into being the Midwest's largest LGBT circulating library with over 14,000 volumes, 800 periodical titles, and 100 archival collections.

Hosting various programs and events that support its beliefs that knowledge is the key to dispelling homophobia and that affirming information about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered persons is critical to fostering pride and self-confidence, Gerber/Hart Library seeks to not only preserve and protect items of LGBT individuals and organizations, but to be a conduit for change.

Located in the Edgewater neighborhood of Chicago, Gerber/Hart Library serves the research and recreational reading needs of the Chicago metro-area and the Midwest, and through participation in the Interlibrary Loan program, people throughout the U.S.

For more information about the tour, click: Book Tour

March 14, 2011

The first official review for The Truth of Yesterday is here...and they loved it. Michele and Jeff's Reviews gave it their highest rating. Here's an excerpt from the review, but just click on over to read the whole review.

"There is an art to character development. An author who excels at it will create a character or characters who evolve over time. S/he will introduce characters who are relatable, not in their prefect lives and their perfect worlds; rather, we readers are able to empathize with them in their flaws, in the imperfections we all possess that endear them to us. They might be people we recognize in our own lives, or perhaps they might even be ourselves.

I’ve found that I have developed a deep fondness for Killian Kendall, not because I know anyone like him, but because I’d like very much to know someone like him. He was introduced in Bleeding Hearts as a boy at a crossroads in his life’s journey. Sometimes he directed his own travels; sometimes fate directed him, but either way, there is no question that Josh Aterovis has truly excelled in bringing Killian along from a boy to a young man who, though still developing, is a character whom I’ve come to rely upon to engage my full attention and entertain me every step of the way through his adventures."

Read the full review here.

March 10, 2011

It's out! For those of you who aren't my friend on Facebook (and if not, why aren't you??) or don't check my website regularly, The Truth of Yesterday is now available. The book release party was a huge success. There was a great turnout and I sold a bunch of books. If you weren't able to attend and aren't near one of the stops on my book tour, you can still get your autographed copies directly from me. Just click here to order yours now.

Speaking of the book tour, I made my book tour goal thanks to your support! I want to thank everyone who made a donation. You guys are the best, and I deeply appreciate it. If I don't get to your neck of the woods this tour, there's always next time! Speaking of the tour, I've confirmed a couple more dates and locations, so here's the updated schedule. I'm still working on adding a few more, so I'll let everyone know if they work out.

Finally, I was just interviewed by review site Michele 'n Jeff Reviews, so in case you don't know enough about me and Killian by now, head on over and check it out.

Jan 28 2011

You can actually help make The Truth of Yesterday Book Tour happen. Make a contribution to my Kickstarter Campaign and get cool stuff in return. Click below to make a donation. You can even bring me to your city! Here's what you can get:

Amateur Sleuth: $25-49 - Your name on my website as a Supporter plus a signed The Truth of Yesterday postcard.

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Gumshoe: $75-99 - Acknowledgment in my next book (A Change of Worlds), signed copy of The Truth of Yesterday (or book of your choice), your name on my site, plus a signed The Truth of Yesterday postcard.

Private Eye: $100-499 - Naming rights for a character in the next book I write, acknowledgment in my next book (A Change of Worlds), signed copy of The Truth of Yesterday (or book of your choice), your name on my site, plus a signed The Truth of Yesterday postcard.

Detective: $500-999 - Signed All Lost Things (or The Truth of Yesterday) T-shirt, naming rights for a character in the next book I write, acknowledgment in my next book (A Change of Worlds), signed copy of The Truth of Yesterday (or book of your choice), your name on my site, plus a signed The Truth of Yesterday postcard.

Shamus: $1000 or more - Signed copies of all my in-print books (Bleeding Hearts, Reap the Whirlwind, All Lost Things, and The Truth of Yesterday), a signed copy of A Change of Worlds when it is published (due late 2011 or early 2012), signed All Lost Things (or The Truth of Yesterday) T-shirt, naming rights for a character in the next book I write, acknowledgment in my next book (A Change of Worlds), your name on my site, plus a signed The Truth of Yesterday postcard. PLUS, if you give over $1000 to this project, I will do my very best to fly to the major city closest to you for a bookstore appearance and/or house party, and I will set aside time before the event specifically for you.

Click here to make a donation!

Jan 10 2011

Erie Gay News is sponsoring a contest to win signed copies of my latest book, out later this month, The Truth of Yesterday.

The Truth of Yesterday

Click here to enter to win. Contest ends January 28th.

Dec 7 2010

My latest Killian Kendall novel, The Truth of Yesterday, comes out next month, but you don't have to wait until then for a little taste. I wrote a short story introducing some new characters from the new book. The story is called Never Alone, and in it, you meet Jacy Elliott and his grandfather, Fletcher. The two of them feature heavily in The Truth of Yesterday, so be sure to check it out. Consider it an early Christmas present from me to you!

Jacy Elliott never thought a simple school project to research his family history could have such a drastic effect on his life.


 Isn’t it funny how you can look back on your life and see how, if certain things hadn’t happened exactly as they did, your life would have turned out so drastically different? Things that seem so terribly insignificant at the time turn out to be major life altering events when looked at from the right perspective and the things that seem of such great consequence often lose their importance with time. One thing I’ve learned is that it’s the little things you have to watch out for.
 It was a couple days after I’d had the last nightmare, and I was working at Dairy Queen after school. I was at the front counter, which meant I was taking orders, serving ice cream, making milkshakes and so on. It’s always busier at the front counter during hot weather and today wasn’t an exception. I’d just served up two ice cream cones when they walked in.
 I’d seen the girl around at school. She’d been in a couple of my classes, but I couldn’t remember her name. She was an attractive girl, dark chocolate skin, glossy black hair that she now wore tied back with a colorful scarf, warm brown eyes behind small glasses. It was her friend that caught my attention however. He was tall and thin, short dark hair that he wore carefully messy, dark brown eyes under impossibly long, dark lashes, and his skin tone was the same as mine. I knew immediately that he had to be an American Indian as well. I’d never seen him before, I was sure I would remember him if I had.
 I couldn’t seem to tear my eyes away from him as they approached the counter. What was going on with me? I’d seen better looking guys than him before, but they’d never captured my attention like this. There was just something about him, something that I couldn’t look away from. Thank goodness, neither of them had so much as glanced in my direction; they seemed to be caught up in an argument of some sort.
 “I don’t know why it’s such a big deal,” the girl was saying in a very annoyed tone of voice.
 “All I said was that I didn’t want to meet him,” he snapped back, his eyes flashing with barely controlled anger. “You’re the one making a big deal out of this.”
 “Two chocolate chip cookie dough Blizzards,” she ordered, still without looking in my direction.
 As I made the desserts, I continued to shamelessly eavesdrop. Hey, if you’re going to have a loud argument in a public place you should expect to be overheard.
 “Why don’t you want to meet him?” she demanded.
 “Why do I have to give you a reason? Why can’t you just accept that I don’t want to? Maybe I have reasons I don’t want to share with you.”
 “I thought I was your best friend.”
 “Oh for God’s sake, you’re such a drama queen.”
 “I’m a drama queen? Hello, Pot? This is Kettle calling.”
 “It’s not like you tell me every little detail about your life.”
 “I practically do. I just don’t understand why you can’t tell me why. He’s such a nice guy.”
 “I didn’t say he wasn’t a nice guy.”
 “Then why won’t you meet him?”
 “Can we just drop this? Please?”
 They fell into an uneasy silence as I thought about their words. Could he be gay? It sure sounded like it from their conversation. I didn’t know any gay guys personally, although there were a few at my school. I’d certainly never considered myself gay. I was attracted to girls even though I’d never dated—my parents thought I was too young. I’d never really been attracted to guys…at least before now.
 I glanced over my shoulder to find him watching me appraisingly. I felt a blush immediately spring to my cheeks as my head snapped back around. Luckily, my skin tone is dark enough that a blush doesn’t show easily. He probably knew I’d been listening now. How embarrassing. I concentrated on their Blizzards, which were almost done.
 “It’s because he’s chubby, isn’t it?” the girl snapped just as I was turning around with their finished desserts.
 The guy gave a huge beleaguered sigh. “Look, he’s just not my type, ok?” He gave me a smoldering smile, and I almost tripped over my feet. “Unlike him,” he said deliberately locking his eyes with mine.
 If I hadn’t set the Blizzards down already, I’m sure I would have dropped them. As it was, my mouth went dry and I suddenly couldn’t seem to remember what to do next.
 The girl gave me an exasperated look. “How much do I owe you?” she asked slowly, as if she was talking to a mentally challenged child.
 I shook myself a bit and quickly rang them up with a shaking hand.
 “I’ll get it,” the guy said, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a wallet. He counted out the exact change, his fingers scraping suggestively against my palm as he handed me the money. He smiled again as they turned to go.
 “I don’t know why you do that,” his friend hissed.
 “Do what?” he asked innocently, shooting me a final glance over his shoulder.
 “Mess with poor boys’ heads like that.”
 “Don’t start.”
 I watched as they left, still arguing as they went. I wondered if that was how they always were and, if so, why they were friends in the first place.
 I took the next person’s order, but kept an eye on the two of them as they walked across the parking lot. I was filling a cup with soda when I felt the hairs on the back of my neck suddenly stand up. I spun around to see the guy and girl still arguing. She’d stopped walking and he was slowly backing away from her, gesturing angrily with one hand. While I watched, he reached the curb without realizing it and stumbled off…right into the path of an oncoming bright red car. I watched in horror as the car threw his body into the air like a rag doll. I couldn’t hear from inside, but imagined the sickening thud as he slammed into the ground and lay there unmoving.
 I gave a strangled shout and dropped the soda. I couldn’t believe no one else even seemed to notice what had happened right outside. I leaped over the counter and ran for the door, exploding out into the intense humidity of the September afternoon. I came to a skidding halt as I realized they were both standing in the middle of the parking lot, still arguing. What was going on? Had I imagined that whole scene?
 Their words were lost to me as I stood there trying to figure out if I was losing my mind. I rubbed my face, and when I dropped my hands, the guy had started slowly backing away from the girl, gesturing angrily with one hand. I felt a chill sweep over my entire body as the hair on my neck once more stood up on end. My mouth worked for a few seconds but nothing came out.
 Just as he was about to step back off the curb I found my voice. “Hey!” I yelled.
 He stopped and his eyes met mine as the girl turned to give me a look that clearly said, “Drop dead.” The red car drove by harmlessly behind the boy. I registered all this with half a thought, since most of my brain had stopped thinking about anything else the second his eyes had met mine.
 “What?” the girl demanded.
 “I…you…” I had no idea what to say now. My mind went completely blank. “Be careful crossing the street,” I finished weakly.

 The guy raised one eyebrow as a slow, sultry smile spread across his face. “We’ll do that,” he said, his voice making the words sound impossibly sexy. “Thanks for the reminder.” He turned and made an exaggerated point of looking both ways, then turned back to me. “How’s that?” he asked.

 My face was burning in what I was sure had to be a visible blush this time. Great, now he thought I was a complete nutcase. And maybe I was. I still didn’t understand what had just happened. Of course, why did it even matter what he thought of me. I’d probably never seen him again. Instead of answering, I turned and walked back inside.

My manager was waiting at the counter.  “What was that about?” she asked, sounding rather irritated.

 “I…” Once again I was at a loss for words. What was I supposed to say? That I’d had some weird psychic moment, seen the future, and rushed out to save a life? Yeah right. I didn’t even buy that one. “I thought I was going to get sick,” I managed to say. Come to think of it, I just might.

 I must have looked as bad as I felt, because she seemed to accept my excuse. She really wasn’t a bad boss at all. She pressed a hand to my forehead. “Maybe you should just go home for the day, get some rest.”

 I nodded gratefully and slipped off my apron. That sounded like a great idea.

Oct 26 2010
Coming soon! Check out the trailer for The Truth of Yesterday.

Oct 16 2010
It's official! The cover for my next book, The Truth of Yesterday, is complete. The book itself will be out soon.
The Truth of Yesterday 
“We like to think of life as a story — complete with a nice, neat beginning, middle, and end. Real life is seldom that orderly. We often forget just how powerful the past can be. After all, it’s over and done with, so how can the past affect the present? The truth is, while it may be over, it is seldom done. The past has a way of twisting our perception, our feelings, and even our reality. Things we thought long behind us can suddenly be very much before us.”

Killian is thrilled when his first real case takes him on a surveillance trip to Washington D.C. — and with his boyfriend Micah, no less. When Micah takes him out to celebrate the successful resolution of his case, Micah’s past comes back to haunt them in a big way. Killian is stunned by what he learns, and even more shocked to hear about the murder of Micah’s former lover, Paul. The truth threatens to tear them apart, but at the same time, Killian finds himself drawn to find Paul’s killer.

Meanwhile, Judy has asked him to investigate an old friend, Jake, whose behavior has changed radically over the last few months. She is worried he may be involved in something dangerous...and she has no idea how right she is.

Entering into the perilous and often grim world of male escorts, Killian discovers that things are seldom what they seem and everyone has a past. The truth of yesterday becomes a lie tomorrow.