Short Stories

My short stories are all connected in some way to the Killian Kendall Mystery series. Some fill in backstory, some add a little more story to characters you already know, and others introduce new characters to the series. The stories make the most sense if you read them in a certain order, and some of them may provide spoilers if you haven't read specific books first. So to get the best bang for your buck, here's a suggested reading order:


 Short Story


Bleeding Hearts

These stories can be read
before or after
Bleeding Hearts.

Eden Revisited: Adam's Story
From the outside, Adam Connelly has the perfect life. A wife, two sons, a house in the suburbs, a white picket fence...but it's all a lie. What happens when he has to face the truth? Will he lose everything?

 Bright Things Come to Confusion: Seth's Story
Seth Connelly misses his dad, and suspects he may have more in common with him than he wants to admit. As he starts to explore his sexuality, will he be able to find his father?

Reap the Whirlwind

These stories should be read after Bleeding Hearts

Like Unto a Ring
Killian Kendall's beach vacation takes a mysterious turn when he finds an old school ring and tries to return it.

 Kane's Kiss
Kane's best friend has never been kissed...and he wants Kane to be his first. What will Kane do?

 All Lost Things


The Truth of Yesterday

Never Alone should
be read before
The Truth of Yesterday

Never Alone: Jacy's Story
Jacy Elliott never thought a simple school project to research his family history could have such a drastic effect on his life.

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