The Truth of Yesterday

“We like to think of life as a story — complete with a nice, neat beginning, middle, and end. Real life is seldom that orderly. We often forget just how powerful the past can be. After all, it’s over and done with, so how can the past affect the present? The truth is, while it may be over, it is seldom done. The past has a way of twisting our perception, our feelings, and even our reality. Things we thought long behind us can suddenly be very much before us.”

Killian is thrilled when his first real case takes him on a surveillance trip to Washington D.C. — and with his boyfriend Micah, no less. When Micah takes him out to celebrate the successful resolution of his case, Micah’s past comes back to haunt them in a big way. Killian is stunned by what he learns, and even more shocked to hear about the murder of Micah’s former lover, Paul. The truth threatens to tear them apart, but at the same time, Killian finds himself drawn to find Paul’s killer.


Meanwhile, he's also been asked to investigate an old friend whose behavior has changed radically over the last few months. Killian is worried Jake may be involved in something dangerous...and he has no idea how right he is.


Entering into the perilous and often grim world of male escorts, Killian discovers that things are seldom what they seem and everyone has a past.


The truth of yesterday becomes a lie tomorrow. 



“The Truth of Yesterday is a non-stop thrill ride with surprising emotional depth. You can't put it down... but you won't want to put it down while you turn the pages of this well-crafted mystery.”

Rob Byrnes 

Lambda Award Winning Author


"Author Josh Aterovis once again serves up a generous helping of his trademark blend of romance, mayhem, supernatural creepies, and a bevy of hotties along the way, to keep everything at the boil. A winning read."

Victor J. Banis

LGBT Literary Pioneer and Author of The Man From C.A.M.P.


"It's always a joy to get a new work by Aterovis. He's one of the best publishing today."  

Greg Herren 

Lambda Award Winning Author of the Chanse McLeod Mysteries 






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