A Kind of Death


A Kind of Death

A Cav Crawford Mystery
Book One

Cav Crawford has a lot going on. He’s a college student. He has a side gig as a PI. Oh yeah—and he sees ghosts.

When four teenage boys disappear while ghost hunting but only one reappears days later (covered in blood and with no memory of what happened), the police point the finger at the boy. The boy’s parents hire Cav to prove his innocence, and it doesn’t take him long to realize he’s in over his head. To complicate matters, Cav unintentionally summons the ghost of his dead boyfriend, who can’t seem to move on.

As the investigation deepens, Cav unearths disturbing similarities between his current case and a decades-old murder-suicide. By the time he realizes the power of the dark forces at work, it’s too late—he’s caught the attention of the killer, and he’ll soon learn there’s more than one kind of death….



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Josh Aterovis creates a new series that is filled with moments of shear terror and gore. The author really delved deep into the research for the world of Gaelic Folk magic, blood magic, protection spells, herbs, sigils, ancient Greek poppet or Kolossos and how beliefs of different religions and places deal with the world of the occult, ghosts and so much more. I am ecstatic that Josh Aterovis has returned with this new series. I highly recommend A Kind of Death, and I think the Cav Crawford Mystery series has very high potential. – Maryann Kafka


A Kind of Death, the first book in my new Cav Crawford Mystery series, is out now! Available wherever you buy books. #booktok #books #fyp #foryou #booklovers #mystery #ghost #lgbtq #lgbt #queer #baltimore

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