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Happy Pride Month!

Happy Pride Month! I’ve been fortunate enough to have my books included in a few Pride book displays this June. I can’t even begin to tell you how much that means to me. … More Happy Pride Month!

Excerpt #2 from A Kind of Death


He rushed to catch up to the others, but the ground was uneven, and he kept tripping. They’d almost been to the house when someone had realized they’d forgotten the EMF meter. They’d all forgotten it, but, of course, Kyle sent him back to the car to get it. It sucked being the youngest, even if it was only by a few months. Kyle liked to think he was the leader of their group. Technically, he was the club president, but only because the school required they have officers in order to be recognized. Kyle was the bossiest, but they all liked to order him around. … More Excerpt #2 from A Kind of Death

Excerpt #1 from A Kind of Death

As I was writing A Kind of Death, I kept joking that the subtitle should be “Killian Discovers Grindr.” Killian grows up a lot in this book, and part of that is becoming more comfortable with his sexuality. His dating life is an important subplot. Here’s a little taste from a conversation with his friend Chris. … More Excerpt #1 from A Kind of Death


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