New Blog Launch

Hello friends!

It recently occurred to me that my website was missing something pretty crucial — a way to communicate with you! I try to update my author Facebook page when appropriate, but more and more people are (understandably) leaving Facebook. Luckily, there was an easy solution. A blog!

I plan to use this space to keep you updated about all things Killian, but also about my life and other artistic pursuits. For instance, did you know that I also work with an immersive theater company? It’s called Submersive Productions and it’s based in Baltimore. I’m an artistic associate (which is sort of like a board for our company), and I’ve been involved with six of the eight full productions we have created in the last six years, either behind the scenes as part of a production team or acting…and sometimes both! It’s been very rewarding, and we’ve even won some awards!

As much as I love immersive theater, writing will always be my first love. Killian’s adventures are far from over, and I’m grateful for you for coming on this journey with us. Some of you have been with me from the beginning, 20 years ago! You’re the reason I keep telling Killian’s stories. Thank you.

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