New Killian Book Coming Soon

Good news, everyone! A branch new Killian Kendall book is on the horizon!

I have completed the first draft of the next book in the Killian Kendall Mysteries series. The sixth book will be called A Kind of Death. The book is currently in the beta reading phase, but I’ll be sending it off to my editor very soon. I won’t have a timeline for publishing until after my editor gets the manuscript, but I’ll keep you informed here.

Four teenage boys disappear while ghost hunting. A week later, one reappears covered in blood with no memory of what happened to him or his friends. Police suspect the boy killed his friends, but his parents believe in his innocence, so they hire Killian Kendall to investigate. It doesn’t take Killian long to realize that there’s a lot more going on beneath the surface than first appears.

Throughout it all, Killian still struggles to find his work-life balance. He’s juggling school, work, dating, friends, and his family obligations. That’s a lot for anybody, but especially a nineteen-year-old. As the investigation deepens, dangerous forces beyond anything he’s ever dealt with swirl around him, pushing him to consider things he never thought possible. He’ll soon learn that there’s more than one kind of death.

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