Big Announcement

“I’ve got big news” written on an old typewriter

As we trundle along through February, I have some big news. Now that the contract is finalized, I can share with you that I’ve signed on with Dreamspinner Press. It’s an exciting opportunity and I’m very much looking forward to working with the team there (they’ve been a dream to work with so far), hopefully for years to come. It is, however, a little bittersweet.

The contract is for a brand-new supernatural mystery series.

I don’t want to go into too many details just yet, since many things are still in flux and I have a lot of revisions and writing to do in the coming months, but the new book title will almost certainly remain A Kind of Death — just with a new cast of characters.

I’ve been writing Killian Kendall for over twenty years, so, needless to say, I’ve gone through all the stages of grief in the last few weeks. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited to embark on a new adventure with some new friends, though. And I suspect that, if you loved Killian, you’ll be just as fond of my new sleuth. I’ll be introducing him in the coming months.

Killian’s story may be done for now, but that doesn’t mean he’s gone forever. Who knows what may be down the road for Killian and the gang? (While we’re on the subject, I have a limited number of books still on hand, so if anyone would like a signed copy before they’re gone forever, shoot me an email or message me on social media.)

For everyone who has been with me on the ride so far — whether it was from day one or if we met along the road — thank you. (And a special thanks to Berlin and James for helping me through this transition.) Your support has meant more than you can ever know. I hope you’ll join me as we set out on this next leg of the journey.

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